PRESCHOOL DANCE at home! Check back regularly!


Dance often!

I am putting together ideas for dancing in small spaces.  One of the most difficult parts of teaching dance is that feeling of running and leaping around a room.  However, there are a million ways to move without locomotor movements.  If you are trying to keep active and need to stay on the spot, try using a hula hoop to mark the space and then think of all of the ways you can get into the circle and out of the circle; carefully, with a jump, leap over, lifting the leg high, going in hands first, and go from there!

These songs can be found on itunes.  Make some space for some magical dancing! 

Dancing with a story

Dancing with Scarves

Dancing with Balloons

Teaching tip for dancing at home - games

Dance freeze - always an easy go to but how can you change it up?  Try using silly songs or ask them to only use one body part at a time!

Dance charades - I am not sure if this game is available for purchase but you can write out your own cards with actions for your dancer to dance out.  Think of; robot, sweeping, a ball, ballet, a tree, anything!

What time is it Mr. Wolf? - instead of saying 1:00 and they take one step, call out 2 bunny hops and make it more active.  You could also change their steps by saying 3 tip toe steps or 2 big steps.  

Props for dancing with young ones at home...Scarves!

In addition to the songs provided in the link, here are a few more things you can do with scarves.

Shifting weight - Use to sway from one foot to the other, shifting weight.  You could do this side to side and front and back.  

Rainbows - use the scarf over the head, low on one side, up and over to the other.  Maybe the rainbow can grow in size starting on one side of the room and growing up and over to the other side of the room.

Partner -hold the scarf together with your dance and take turns leading each other or doing the opposite like a teeter totter.

Next time: Painter's tape!

Interactive Dance Book - The Air Dancer

 Interactive stories inspire movement in fun and creative ways.  If you are looking for something to find ideas, check out The Air Dancer - An Interactive Movement Story.  

This book is perfect for at home to play around with non-locomotor movements.

One Last Thought...

SPRING!  All around us things are starting to grow.  What a perfect time to create a dance about spring.  A wonderful project that can include growing a see and using that for inspiration for movement.  I would love to share a video you come up with!